I am 49 years old. I have had acne my entire life. I also deal with facial hair… more than my fair share. I am not overweight, exercise regularly and eat much healthier than most of my friends. I do what I am supposed to do with a regime of skin care, however, I just do not have “pretty” skin.

Pat Scherven recommended a profractional treatment and I finally decided to give it a try. Here’s a little journal about how my next 4 days were:

Thursday, April 16th
So today, Pat performed a low dose profractional. I was extremely nervous. Pat cleansed my face and put a numbing gel over it. 15 minutes later the procedure began. I was expecting a ton of pain, but it was very bearable and lasted only about 10 minutes. A cool fan was blowing on my face the whole time. After the low dose profractional, I received ice packs on my face. I will admit that the heat is very intense… I felt like I had just received a very, very deep sunburn. Pat smoothed some healing gel on my face and told me I’d be better tomorrow. I did have a bit of a headache and was a little nauseated tonight, but I am quite sensitive to this type of thing. My face is very red however, I was expecting to look terrible and I do not. Whilst I am not expecting a miracle, I am very excited to see the results! I will report again tomorrow morning.

Friday, April 17th
The redness is gone! My cheeks feel and look a little puffy and tight similar to 2 days after a sunburn. I’m going to take a shower and gently wash my face.

I can see all the little scabs quite clearly, but I am already happy with the results. It’s ironic to say my skin looks smoother when I have this scabbed pattern on my face, but it does.

Saturday, April 18th
My face is a bit itchy but the cream I put on helps that. The “pattern” is still quite visible but hasn’t stopped me from going out! I’m on my way to church this morning…we’ll see if my sister-in-law says anything.

Back from church: My sister-in-law said nothing. 🙂

Sunday, April 19th
I woke up this morning and dare I say I can see a difference already? Most noticeably in the little wrinkle line between my eyebrows, and a few pitted acne scars!!!! This is very rejuvenating and hopeful for me! You have to understand, I have NEVER had smooth skin. I don’t think I’m imagining this! Over all, this experience to this point has been very good.