Ajowan, a popular spice in India is known for its ability to add zest to curries as well as its tantalizing aroma. In India, Ajowan is also considered an everyday cure for numerous illnesses such as: cough medicine for a cold, an antacid for heartburn or an antihistamine for allergies.

This spice is mentionable due to its healing powers. Research has found ajowan to be high in Choline, which is known to be a remedy for gastrointestinal ills, easing heartburn, and relieving belching and bloating. It may be helpful in preventing or treating allergies, asthma, coughs, diarrhea, high blood pressure ~ great for aiding the digestive system! Have GI issues? As we know GI issues can lead to skin breakouts. Try a cup of ajowan tea.

Ajowan has a strong thyme and anise-like flavor, a little goes a long way. The spice must be cooked first to take away the numbing impact of raw seeds. The longer cooked the mellower it becomes including aroma. Oh Yum!

A small ajowan plant is similar to a parsley plant, the seeds about the size of celery seeds are used whole and often dry roasted first. The seeds (crescent-shaped are very chewable, some prefer to grind for cooking purposes or medical purposes.) Ajowan is inexpensive and can be found in Indian markets look for light brown seeds, uniform in color and free of extraneous debris.


You may find thymol, an essential oil of ajowan in your tooth paste or mouth wash. It’s known to maintain the shelf life of packaged foods and perfumes.




To experience ajowan: