Pat SchervenAccording to the dictionary a detoxification refers to the process of removing toxin substances from your body.  While it may seem like a new concept, detoxification has been  recorded in history as far back as ancient Egypt.

There are many kinds of detox programs depending on your goals and desired outcomes. I encourage anyone considering a detox to do some research.  Get familiar with the different options available and focus on your particular needs.  If you’re considering a detox, I suggest starting a detox program slowly and be aware of any discomfort. Generally when you have finished your detox program or cleanse you feel sensational!  More energy, a feeling of clear mindedness and alertness are what you should experience.  Enjoy the detox process, knowing your ultimate goal is for a healthier self.

Personally, I’ve tried numerous detoxification programs and prefer some over others for various reasons. I detox a least twice usually three times a year depending on my needs; one for my liver, one to support my GI system (gut health), and one for over all well being.  I like to do this especially in the fall to get back into swing after the summer cook outs, hog roasts and summer fun

I always start, however not necessary, with a psyllium/bentonite cleanse a week before my actual detox protocol.  While not an absolute necessity, it helps me get prepared.  I also eliminate all coffee and caffeine to avoid caffeine withdrawal symptoms, such as headaches during the actual detox.  My first detox I didn’t eliminate caffeine prior to the program.  Now, I know why and really wish I had!!!!

Planning ahead is highly recommended to avoid any frustration.  I make sure to familiarize myself with the elimination diet and complete a diet plan for the duration of my detox.  Knowing that I will have a limited and somewhat restricted diet, I shop ahead.  I purchase as much fresh locally grown and organic produce as possible to ensure the best results.  I make sure my water purifier is working properly and have extra clean bottled water on hand just in case.  Drinking plenty of water is essential in the process of maximizing the elimination of your body’s toxins.

I just completed the psyllium/cleanse and am scheduled to start my 10 day detox program next week with preparations made. I will keep you posted as to my progress with diet and exercise.  For best results, movement such as walking is advised as it facilitates deep breathing.  During my detox, I’m aware that I may experience some fatigue, headaches, and skin irritations…it’s a part of ridding the  body of toxins.  I remind myself how beneficial it is for the whole body system and how good I will feel after.

Stay tuned!

– Pat Scherven