There are more than 120 types of cancer and heredity syndromes. Each cancer type has its own symptoms, risk factors, diagnosis, stages and treatments options or plans.

Breast Cancer AwarenessThe stage of cancer refers to when it was first diagnosed. There are four different stages and knowing the stage will be a critical factor in deciding the most appropriate treatment plan.

The four stages:

  • Stage I: Cancer at stage one is considered localized and remains in a single lump. It’s generally slow growing and can be seen on imagery.
  • Stage II: Cancer cells can be more abnormal and grow faster. The cancer cell has now invaded the lymph and blood vessel area.
  • Stage III: Cancer is referred to as the regional spread, whereby the cancer has spread within the general region in which it first began.
  • Stage IV: Cancer is considered the distant spread and reached the lymph nodes or can spread everywhere in the body.

Should you have any concerns about having cancer see your physician. I always recommended a second or even third opinion. Make sure your immune system is in good order by incorporating a healthy diet and lifestyle.