A BBL(board band light) also, referred to as IPL(intensed pulse light) is most beneficial for nearly all Fitz Patrick skin types I-III especially with aging skin and reddness.

Conditions that can be treated with BBl ~

⦁ Sun damage/Age spots
⦁ Rosacea
⦁ Melasma
⦁ expanded capillaires and veins

How does the BBl work?

The BBl device emits a range of lightwaves(light energy) that gently penetrates and heats the upper layers of skin. The various lightwaves are critiqued to target the hemoglobin(red blood cells inbllod vessles) and melanin(brown pigment in freckels and age spots). The light beam passes throught the skin casing damage to hemoglobin and/or melanin by fragmenting the undesired areas to then be absorbed by the body rendering them less visible.

There is virtually no down time, one may feel a little flushed or sunburn sensation immediately follwing a treatment which shuld resolve in 20 minutes or so. The treatment feels like a rubber band snapping ~ gently, of course! The pigmented areas and age spots are likely to darken, followed by fading or flaking off after a few days. The results will vary between individuals dependng on condition being addressed and desired goals.

We first prep the skin, cleansing and lightly exfoliate the dead skin cells. This promotes circulation providng a healthier skin enviroment for the light to reach its particular target.
We recommend a package of 3 treatments with three weeks between treaments for best results. One/two treatment packages a year for maintence is a good plan for ultimate results.

Bonuses ~
⦁ Stimulates collagen with some tightening
⦁ Improves skin texture and softness
⦁ Improves pore size
⦁ Reduces reddness
⦁ Lightens skin, diminish pigmentated areas
⦁ Can soften wrinkles and fine lines

It is like adding a boost to your skin, so….. why not have a BBL or Photo-Rejuvenation treatment? It is one of the best protocols that one could do for their skin.

And, always remember your sun protection!