Goji berries, also known as wolf berries are native to Asia primarily China. The red small berry is credited for its anti aging properties and regarded as the “longevity fruit”. The goji berries are most noted for its high content of vitamins and other nutrients or antioxidants. It’s higher in beta-carotene than carrots.

Goji Berries BenefitAntioxidants in goji berries include; and are good for body functions

•  Vitamin C ~ heart health
•  Beta-carotene ~ immunity
•  Cystine ~ immunity
•  B2 (riboflavin) ~conversion of carbohydrates into fuel
•  Maganese ~ skin bones, cartilage
•  Zinc ~ wound healing fertility, vision, immunity
•  Copper ~ energy, hormone, skin
•  Selenium ~ liver, thyroid, immunity

Those that eat goji berries often report the following benefits;

•  Better vision
•  More energy
•  Better digestion
•  More radiant hair color
•  Healthier skin
•  Better sleeping habits
•  Stronger immune system
•  Mood enhancement

More recent goji berry extracts have used in skin care preparations and remedies for those seeking to nourish their skin. It has been noted in Tibetan medicine that the goji berries were used for healing skin rashes including psoriasis. As research continues on this super food, there will be more information and facts to support potential usage.