Homecoming………..Shake it Baby!!!!

Be sure not to neglect your skin care especially knowing that Prom is coming up soon!

Maintaining hygiene and practicing a healthy skin care routine daily is best. The routine would include regular cleansing or twice a day, in the morning and before going to bed to remove any makeup or debris collected through out the day.   A third cleansing may be needed after gym or any sport activity.

A gentle exfoliation is often helpful, generally twice a week is sufficient for most depending on the individual and exfoliation product used. Some exfoliation products are more aggressive than others. Be sure not to over due, one could dry out their skin causing break out or irritation.

The appropriate moisturizer generally an oil-free product should be applied after cleansing and exfoliation. Use something light and recommended for acne or oily skin types.

Always finish in the morning with an appropriate sun protection.

Diet plays an important role in acne or break outs, avoid dairy and fried food. Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Drink lots of water to keep the body hydrated which will help to eliminate any toxins.

Fresh air and excise will help to manage any stress or anxiety that may trigger a break out. Don’t forget your sun protection if outdoors! Beware of any sweat which could cause irritation, a cleansing may be appropriate.

Go see a skin care specialist one or two weeks prior to homecoming and be sure to let the clinician know of your event.  They can recommend a good routine and products.

Most of all…..HAVE FUN!