Lead Poisoning?? Skin Poisoning?

Lead is an environmental issue and has been a common pollutant for centuries. Lead poisoning comes from exposure, some of the main causes in the United States are as follows:

• House paint
• Drinking water
• Air and soil pollution
• Lead solder on food cans
• Lead containing dishware
• Fruits and vegetables grown in lead contaminated soil

Per statistics, the blood levels of lead are at an all-time low in the U.S. however the lead problem has not been eliminated. In 2010 the EPA passed a new Renovation Repair and Painting rule to protect children from lead dust caused by lead paint removal.

The types of cells that are most sensitive to lead are nerve cells and bone marrow cells that give rise to red blood cells. This could affect the nervous system and some examples could be mental retardation, irritability or hyperactivity. The effect of lead in the blood could be anemia or changes in the blood enzymes which can be devastating. A blood test is the only way to positively diagnose lead poisoning.

Symptoms may include: fever, fatigue, constipation and joint pain to name a few. Lead is excreted in the urine and feces. It may also appear in the hair (thinning), nails (brittle), sweat (appear like a rash or chemical burn), saliva, and breastmilk.


FACT: Centuries ago, Romans were poisoned by the lead in their eating and drinking vessels.