I was asked if I wanted a microdermabrasion the other week and I looked at Pat skeptically because I wasn’t sure what that entailed. She quickly explained that it was like a mini vacuum that rubbed crystals (kind of like sandpaper) on your face and sucked them back up along with the dead skin cells. This helps to expose the new layer of skin without a very painful exfoliation. Basically your face will be super smooth after and you want to get one of these, it was great. So here’s how it really went down:

Courtney giving a patient a microderm in our clinic. The fine crystals in the vacuum are used to exfoliate skin and rid it of dead skin cells.


Courtney started by explaining how the microderm was going to work as she got everything set up specifically for me and my skin type. She washed my face and almost put me to sleep with the facial massage then proceeded to dry it and wipe it down with alcohol so that my skin would be dry and the microderm would be successful. She then explained how it would feel and the pattern she was going to use. We started with vertical and that it would sting a little. I didn’t think that it stung or hurt at all on the first pass of my face but by the time she was going back around, it was slightly uncomfortable. After she completed the second horizontal pass of my face, she cleaned the crystals off with another facial cleansing massage. She applied toner and sunscreen to protect my “new” skin from the outdoors. By the time I was done, my face felt like a baby’s bottom.

My skin was a little sensitive for the rest of the day like Courtney warned me about. I wouldn’t recommend playing a sport with goggles that same day as they will irritate your face. But by the next day my face was feeling soft and pretty much healed up. The initial irritation was gone and it was just a matter of keeping it protected for the days following. All in all, the experience was great and my face feels incredible even a week after.