Have you thought about getting rid of unwanted hair for awhile? I was scared right away but after being talked through it, the whole process has gone very smoothly. It has been about one week since my first laser hair removal treatment with Courtney here at Skin Thereapease and I would like to tell you more about it. I have never had laser hair removal and hadn’t given it much thought until I was asked if I would like to try it. Courtney did a fantastic job of walking me through what to expect and guiding me through the somewhat intimidating process.

After signing the consents, I was led to the back room. I got undressed, crawled under the blankets, and calmed my breathing while I waited a moment for Courtney to come back in. Sunglass type glasses were placed over my eyes before she cleaned my underarms and applied some jelly-like substance. She then explained how it would feel and what would happen throughout the process. Originally I thought it would hurt a little, but it didn’t. I am pretty ticklish so as she glided it over my skin, it tickled a little bit. The process didn’t take very long and soon she was on to my other arm. She repeated everything one last time. I was told not to apply deodorant for the next couple hours to give my underarms a little time to heal.

For a couple hours after, my underarms were a little sensitive to the sleeves on my shirt but not unbearably which was good. I thought the results would be immediate though and when I got in the shower that night I was a little disappointed that I still had hair but I recalled the conversation about it being a process. The results take time but once they are there, your life becomes easier. I was told that it can take up to 9 times for your underarms to be fully bare but I am already noticing that there is a less hair.

I have another appointment 6 weeks from my first appointment to do it again. Hopefully it all goes just as smoothly as the first one!