Post sun skincare can refer to a number of skin conditions depending on the amount of sun exposure.

A sunburn is a condition where the amount of sun exposure or ultraviolet light rays exceed
the ability of the body’s protective pigment or melanin to protect the skin.

Post Sun SkincareSome symptoms of sunburn may include pain, redness, inflammation, rash, fever, chills,
even blisters, depending on severity. As the skin heals it may peel and itch. Don’t Itch!

Some people will develop photo sensitivity which is an immunological response to light,
usually to sunlight. The amount of exposure before a reaction occurs will vary from
person to person.

Repeated sun exposure could be an invitation to skin cancer!

Years of sun damage generally will cause the skin to be very thick, leathery, dehydrated
and likely various degrees of wrinkles. The skin can appear worn out with dead skin cells
galore and clogged pores. We often see dilated capillaries, a smattering of
freckles and areas of hyperpigmentation.

To restore and recondition the sun challenged skin we have numerous options depending
on one’s desired goals, commitment and pocketbook:

• Exfoliation – chemical peels, scrubs
• Microdermabrasion – for cell turnover
• Bleaching the brown spots
• LED (light-emitting diodes) promotes collagen production
• Laser – for resurfacing

To nourish and hydrate the skin, especially after more aggressive options, invest in
the following:

• Hyaluronic acid with peptides
• Vitamin C (internally and externally)
• Omegas and Vitamin E (internally and externally)
• Moisture, moisture and moisture
• Always, sun protection

Always think prevention – skin protection, hat, sunglasses, etc. Your skin will be
healthier and happier!