imagesWe don’t always notice our aging hands as much as our faces. Our hands do reveal our age and we should care for them by protecting and nourishing the skin. The hands much like the face and neck will lose collagen in time, elasticity weakens causing wrinkles and crepiness, discoloration and sun spots appear due to sun damage. The hands are exposed constantly to numerous conditions such as: chemical, cleaning agents, hot and cold weather conditions, sun damage, constant wear and tear of muscle tissue, scratching, scrapping and the list goes on.

To manage the health of one’s hands 

  • We recommend proper washing before meals or food preparations
  • Wash hands after using the facilities to avoid spreading germs.
  • Wash hands after touching door knobs or whenever they feel dirty.
  • After washing, moisturize as needed when hands feel dry.
  • Use sun protection especially gardeners, golfers and bikers too!
  • Wear gloves as needed in cold conditions.
  • Exfoliate dead skin cells as you would on the face.
  • Consider having a chemical peel on your hands.
  • Photo rejuvenation will help eliminate sun spots and cause skin tightening.
  • I recommend carrying a moisturizer with you at all times to prevent dryness and cracks.

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