Price – $35 to $250

A Chemical Peel is used on the skin and can be used on your face, neck, and hands. This type of treatment helps reduce wrinkles, fine lines, freckles, and age spots.  These chemicals will exfoliate and remove dead skin cells while promoting new cell growth.  Client’s skin will be softer, smoother, brighter, and healthier. This process is individualized and will be customized to each client and their expectations; therefore there are not a set number of peels for everyone, but a series will get you the best results.

The types of peels are AHAs (alpha hydroxy acid), BHAs (beta hydroxy acid), and Jessner’s.  AHAs are acids like malic, citric, lactic, and tartaric which all come from fruit. BHAs are salicylic acids from willow bark.  Jessner’s are a mix of lactic acid, salicylic acid, and resorcinol.

There are three levels of peels that can be done; superficial, medium, and deep. We offer different superficial peels starting with a glycolic which is good for aging or a salicylic peel that helps with acne. There can be some peeling with both peels, but not always as they are both light, superficial peels.

A Jessner peel is a medium depth peel that involves 4-6 layers and is a nice balance of both peels and good for both conditions. Everyone’s skin responds differently, but peeling is typical after three days. After receiving a Jessner peel, we offer a complimentary post-treatment assessment facial to look at the healing.

Chemical Process

The application of the peel starts with cleansing of skin and also wiping with alcohol or acetone. This will take all the oil out of the skin allowing the peel to penetrate.  The peel will be applied with gauze covering your whole face. Once the peel is applied the client’s skin may tingle or itch and this is normal. We use a little fan to help cool the skin down.

After the Procedure

Keep skin lubricated as it’s healing which will take about five days. Use a fine grain exfoliant on day four and return to normal home care treatment on day five.  Sunscreen is a must for at least two weeks to protect your new skin. If there are any concerns or pain please call us right away.

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