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What to Know About Eyelash Tinting

How much do you really know about eyelash tinting? Most people actually have never heard about it. The tinting is done for many different reasons. But like anything else, it isn’t permanent, so that at any point you can do something else if you wish to. Some people do it at the same time they are dying their hair.

The reason behind most people having it professionally done is so that you don’t have problems when you’re in the process of the tinting itself. Minor problems could be an allergic reaction to the dye itself. Major problems could be damaging your eye sight. That’s why it’s important to have someone else doing the process for you. Also, we use a vegetable based dye, which is more natural and gentler for the sensitive eye area.

The Process


                        Before                                                        After 

Most people before getting it done like to be cautious and get a patch test done 2 days before the tinting. Some do this to figure out whether or not they are allergic to the dye. Now the eyelash tinting dye is not your typical hair dye. Yes hair dye works just as well on hair, but if applied around the eyes it can be very dangerous. The dye that is used is actually different than hair dye.

The tinting helps with also turning light colored eyelashes to a dark tint so that they stand out against your eyes. Some people do tinting on their lashes just to give themselves something of a change when they go on vacation or just have a different look as a holiday comes around.

Regardless of the reason that you’re doing eyelash tinting, make sure that you consult a skin care professional like those at Skin Therapease.

A professional can make sure that your experience is a positive one. They are also there to make sure that you’re safe, that there are no problems, and that it comes out looking like you expect it to.

To speak with a professional about eyelash tinting, call the professionals at Skin Therapease today.