• Brow – Starting at $20
  • Lip – Starting at $15
  • Chin – Starting at $10
  • Full Face – Starting at $60
  • Body Waxing – Starting at $35

A Cost-Effective Method to Eliminate the Hair You Don’t Want to See

IMG_4137Life is rough and can play a major role in the gradual aging of your skin. There are certain things that you can control and others that you simply cannot. When it comes to the hair that grows on your body, there are certain places where you wish you had more of it (such as your head) and there are other places that are not so pleasant when it comes to this type of growth (i.e. armpits, chest, belly, bikini line, etc). Fortunately, Skin Therapease provides affordable and effective hair waxing services that are ready and waiting to eliminate this problem on your behalf.

A Beautiful Reflection

When you look in the mirror at your own reflection, what doIMG_4138 you see? You might stare at your face for countless hours – scanning and examining it closely for every single blemish, spot and mark that doesn’t belong. How do you react when you see a hair that simply should not belong? For example, the little bit of hair that seems to be growing on your upper lip might cause you to become immediately self-conscious about your appearance. To get rid of it for good, your best bet would be to invest in the professional hair waxing services of Skin Therapease.

Better than Shaving & Cutting

One of the very first responses that can be made when it comes to getting rid of those unwanted hairs on your body, you might quickly grab a shaver, clippers or even a set of tweezers. However, the ugly truth is that those little hairs will strive to fight their way back into and through the layers of your skin as quickly as possible. In addition to the exponential regrowth, you will also have to worry about such things as bloody nicks and cuts from a blade or razor bumps from a fresh shave that will itch like bug bites.

Waxing is the Very Best Option Available

Having a professional hair waxing session is scientifically proven to be the most effective long-term solution for those unwanted hairs on different parts of your body. Instead of taking a chance of seeing them again within a matter of a few days with shaving and clippers, do yourself a favor and rejuvenate the long-term beauty that your skin deserves by investing in a professional hair waxing session from Skin Therapease today.