Price – $125 Single Session
$500 Package of 5
$625 Microdermabrasion Package with Chemicals

What Can Microdermabrasion Do for You?

No longer is there a need for a surgical facelift or drastic plastic surgery or even Botox. Clients can get Microdermabrasion, maximum exfoliation without the pain. This is the way to go.

What is microdermabrasion and what does it involve? First of all, you should know that chemicals are not always needed when you’re looking to take away the dull skin on the face.

How it Works:

IMG_4107The process uses a combination of steam and crystals that are so small they are the equivalent to sugar or salt. This mixture is sprayed on the face. Then suction is used to help reduce the appearance of large pores and clean out the crystals and dead skin. Consultants at the salon will target all of the problem areas with steady but firm pressure and use the vacuum-like tool to remove the imperfections. Once complete, a soothing moisturizer is necessary to rehydrate the skin.

What it Does for Your Skin:

Microdermabrasion is a fast and lasting fix for skin that is blemished with acne, dark spots, or scarring from an accident; or just lacking the desired sheen of freshness and youthfulness. This procedure can be done on all skin types and the color of the skin will not affect the outcome. It’s a safe and effective treatment to regenerate your skin and keep it looking healthy and youthful.

Things to Consider Before You Get Treated:

Before you consider this procedure however, you should consult with a respectable salon or clinic. The side effects are mild for most people. But, the process can leave the new sensitive skin red and tight for about twenty-four hours. And, no worries, scarring is not usually a concern for clients either. It is recommended that clients have this service performed several times a year in order to keep their skin in perfect condition. Still have questions? The best way to get them answered is to book an appointment.

Refresh and Beautify Your Skin:

Microdermabrasion will leave you with a deep cleaned, soft face. It is a very cost effective way to show the world your new youthful skin. Smiling from ear to ear will be the biggest side effect. Try it out! What do you have to lose?

Call today to set up a microdermabrasion appointment at Skin Therapease. We will walk you through the process and be happy to answer ANY questions that you may have about the procedure.