“Antioxidant” is a frequently used word these days when it comes to anti-aging, internally and externally.  This intriguing noun is applied to both the foods we eat and what we apply topically to our skin, in particular our face.  For the purpose of this blog we will focus on the term “antioxidant” in general and address more specifics in a future document.

What Are Antioxidants?An antioxidant is a molecule that inhibits the oxidation process of other molecules.  Oxidation reactions are crucial for life, but they can be both beneficial and harmful to the cells.  Insufficient levels of antioxidants can cause oxidative stress (free radicals) and may harm or even kill cells.  Oxidative stress causes damage to cell structure and cell function by overly reactive oxygen-containing molecules and chronic excessive inflammation.  Oxidative stress seems to play a significant role in many human diseases.  In other words, balanced antioxidants are vital in our well-being inside and out.

On a simpler note, antioxidants neutralize and eliminate free radicals (oxidative stress) that attack our DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid) or makeup of every cell.  While our cells create their own antioxidants to prevent free-radical damage after the age of 30 our cells can no longer eliminate free radicals fast enough.  This is the reason it is important to include antioxidants in your daily diet as well as your skin care products.

Different antioxidants excel at fighting certain types of free radicals while others are effective in only specific parts of the cell.  The antioxidants we are most familiar with are those that boost our immune system and are often referred to as super foods.  One of my favorite antioxidant or superfood is seaweed.  Seaweeds are known for the highest amounts of vitamins and minerals.  Other popular antioxidants are found in blueberries, raspberries and strawberries.  Vitamin C found in citrus fruits and orange vegetables plays a role in building the immune system and collagen production.

Because antioxidants can be so stable they are also used to preserve freshness, protect product integrity and prevent damage or changes due to oxidation.

So……….if you’re looking for something to munch on that’s really nutritious and high in antioxidants, grab some blueberries or an orange.  Or, as an oxidant for your skin, try the following IS Clinical products:  Super C Serum; C Eye Advance, and Eye Youth Complex.  Also check out Epicuren’s C Complex, Colostrum Crème or Alpha Lipoic Omega Serum.