IMG_4159At Skin Therapease we refer to a facial as a treatment. The purpose of a facial treatment is to promote skin health and maintenance. The clinical facial begins with a health history questionnaire so that we can collect pertinent information regarding anything that may affect the skin’s health including; diet, habits, lifestyle, exercise, sensitivities, medications, allergies, ect.We discuss concerns and goals with each individual in order to customize the facial treatment based on a professional skin analysis. Pictures are sometimes appropriate as a reference back to.


After cleansing our hands, we cover the client’s eyes for protection of the bright lights before positioning the magnifying lamp over the face and beginning the skin analysis. The focus is on the skin’s condition; how it responds to touch, note where break outs or irritation exist, pigmentation issues and any irregular suspicions. This time provides an opportunity to ask questions about diet, sun exposure, daily skin care regimen and so forth. All this information will help determine the best suited facial treatment for the individual.

We start by cleansing the face with the appropriate product for one’s skin type. Next, we exfoliate which may include a scrub, enzyme or light chemical in preparation for extractions. Often we use steam or use hot towels as they help to soften blackheads, milia or excess oil before extractions. After extractions, we gently massage the skin with product chosen for one’s skin type which will calm and relax the skin. Our goal at this time, is to nourish and replenish the primed skin. Once the mask is applied for the particular skin condition (rosacea, acne, dehydration, ect.), we then massage the décolleté, shoulders, and arms providing an opportunity to access the skin. We finish with appropriate moisturizer and sunscreen as needed.

A facial is recommended once a month (4 weeks) for optimal skin health.

Sooooo…….to healthy skin!!!