At Skin Therapease we prefer to describe a functional skin care specialist as one that considers the whole person, inside and out with regards to their skin. Our main interest is the face, which often includes the shoulders, neck, décolleté and back.

We recognize that the skin’s health is affected by various circumstances or given situations such as; diet, environment, exercise, emotional status, allergies, medications, ect. ~ in general, basic lifestyle! Asking questions and collecting informational is crucial as it provides clues as to why one may have acne, redness or irritated skin.

Focused on the Skin’s health we review the over-all appearance of the skin paying special attention to congestions(clogged pours, pimples, pustules), the location and how deep the eruption may be within the skin. Considering the information helps to understand why or what the under lying root causes might be.


Our facial treatment begins with a deep facial clean and observing the skin under the magnifying lamp allowing for a better visual of the topical surface. Also, this is an opportunity to acknowledge sun damage, rosacea even irregular skin mutations. This frequently leads to other questions, such as:

  • Do you eat dairy?
  • Do you eat wheat?
  • Do you have a pet?
  • What side of your face do you sleep on?

After cleansing, exfoliation, circulating massage and nourishing mask ends the treatment with the appropriate moisturizer and sun protection as needed. We make recommendations, and encourage clients to make a commitment to their skin’s health. Occasionally, we refer clients out to other professionals.

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