I have never received a facial and my ideas about what they entailed involved cucumbers and expensive spa days.  So when I was offered a real life opportunity, I expected soft robes.  But what I received was so much better and more personalized to my skin type (surface dry- as I was informed).  You should know that I take care of my skin but it isn’t my number one priority and my regimens are by no means rigorous so this facial was more skin care than I have probably done in a week.

Regular facials are great for promoting overall facial skin health and are recommended every month for optimal results. I started by filling out a page of paperwork before I was led back to the treatment room.  Pat explained some of what she would do and what I should expect throughout.  I was asked to take off my clothes and jewelry from my waist up as to ensure good circulation throughout and then given a few minutes to cover up and relax in the chair.  When she came back, she examined my face through a large, lit magnifying glass-like thing.  She asked me questions about my diet, phone usage, and hair products to help her gain an understanding about my breakouts and their locations.  She told me that milk, phone germs, or the alcohol in my hairspray could be some of the causes.  She then walked me through the wonderful smelling products she was applying to my face; exfoliates, cleansers, and moisturizers.  She massaged all of them into my face one at a time and washed them away with a perfectly warmed towel while keeping me fully relaxed and at ease. She cleaned out my pores through a method called extracting and then messaged my face, shoulders, arms, and hands. By the time she was done, I was completely relaxed and my face felt incredibly soft and healthy.

Pat did a great job of walking me through what to expect next and what to do after to keep my skin looking and feeling as fresh as it did right after the treatment.  She provided me with samples to take home and try before my next appointment, and there will be a next one! 🙂 