So, fall is here with winter soon around the corner. Often with cold weather we notice dryness in our skin especially the lips followed by the wind and sun exposure ~ WALLA! “chapped lips”
Other factors that may contribute to chapped lips include:

• Check you tooth paste, many have lauryl sulfate, propyl gallate or phenyl salicylate(salol). These ingredients can cause dryness.

• Chapped lips are a sign of dehydration, drink plenty of water and protect your lips with a sun protection balm.

• Beware of certain foods like citrus and cinnamates which can irritate the lips.

• Lip licking, biting or chewing your lips can produce chapped or dry lips. Keep your fingers away from your mouth, who knows where those fingers have been or what could be transmitted?

• Medications ~ Certain prescription drugs can cause dryness such as Accutane(acne), propranolol for blood pressure just to name a couple.

• Allergies often can cause dry lips. It could be from foods or the environment, maybe even your own lip stick ~ check out the ingredients!

• Chapped lips could be a sign of vitamin or mineral deficiencies such as iron or certain B vitamins.

Chapped lips could indicate a health problem. Keep a diary or take notes daily, read labels and become familiar with ingredients. Try a new tooth paste!

Ingredients to look for the best protection may include shea butter, bees wax or castor oil. We recommend a lip sun balm with a SPF of 20 daily by itself or over your lip color.


To Healthy Lips!!